June 20, 2024

Hiring criminal defense lawyers in Oklahoma City: Read these details

When charged with assault or DUI in Oklahoma City, you need to be proactive and must prepare your defense. While the laws allow you to represent yourself, remember that you are up against the prosecution that will take all possible steps to prove that you committed the crime. Conviction could have implications on every aspect of your life, and your best bet is to contact criminal defense lawyers Oklahoma City who can fight for you. If you have never worked with a criminal lawyer, here are some details to know.

  1. The lawyer’s profile is of utmost importance. First and foremost, check whether you like the experience of an attorney. Criminal law covers a wide range of matters, and you need an attorney who has handled similar cases. For instance, some firms specialize in DUI matters, while others are more capable of handling murder charges. Always choose to compare a few lawyers.
  2. The lawyer should have trial experience. In the ideal situation, you would want to avoid going to trial, which can be complicated and extensive. However, when hiring a criminal defense lawyer, you must check whether they can represent you in court. They will research the jury, and because they work in OKC, they probably have relevant contacts.
  3. Your lawyer will usually ask for an hourly rate. Criminal lawyers can be expensive, especially for cases that involve complications. Ensure that you work with an attorney you can trust, but always ask about their fee in advance. The common norm is to take an hourly rate, but many lawyers may also take a retainer charge. For more minor issues, you may pay a flat amount.
  4. The lawyer will guide you on the dos and don’ts. You shouldn’t say anything about the arrest or related aspects to anyone. Unless it is a criminal defense lawyer, no one needs to know anything, including your friends and family. The attorney will guide you on the steps you must follow and the mistakes you must avoid.
  5. Everything is confidential. Any conversation between you and an attorney is confidential and will not be shared with the police or the prosecution. As such, it is always wise to have a transparent and honest relationship with your legal team. Even if you have confessed to the crime, your lawyer is required to keep things private in most circumstances.

Call a criminal defense lawyer now to find more.

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